Commuting Calculator

This is a useful tool to work out how much travelling to work by car will cost. Great for locums.

Instructions for Calculator:

  • Type in how many days you will work in that practice for the month. If you want to work out the cost of travelling for 1 day, then just type in 1 in the first line.


  • Miles per gallon (mpg) is usually between 30 to 50. Your vehicle should tell you this.


  • Price of fuel is what you pay at the pump. You will need to calculate the cost of fuel per gallon (instead of litres).

For example: 1 full tank for me costs approximately £85 for 55 litres. 1 litre is equivalent to 0.264 gallons. As you know this will fluctuate throughout the year.


55 litres x 0.264 = 14.53 gallons for 1 tank

Cost of 1 full tank (e.g. £85) / Gallons for 1 full tank (e.g. 14.53 gallons)=

Cost of fuel per Gallon (e.g. £ 5.85)

Use the answer in the ‘cost of gasoline per gallon tab’.

  • The Currency sign on the calculator is in Dollars unfortunately but it will be correct for GBP if you type in the correct price of fuel per gallon.