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Marijuana treatment in glaucoma sufferers…. Medicinal or Myth???? 1

There have recently been big debates in USA about legalising marijuana for all kinds of medicinal use with massive campaigns lobbying its usefulness. At present, 23 US states have actually legalised medical marijuana! One of the commonly discussed alternatives for the treatment of glaucoma is the smoking of marijuana. Is this a myth… Or does […]


Ectasia scans

A few handy tips for Optoms interpreting corneal topography scans when investigating signs of corneal ectasia.

It’s hard being thrown in the deep end when working in laser refractive surgery. Moreover I know a lot of Optoms who are overawed when faced with trying to interpret scans. I guess the main complication we all don’t to happen to our patients is that dreaded word ECTASIA following corneal laser refractive surgery. Luckily […]

A concise summary of visual development in babies. 8

There is documented evidence that for the first few days, babies do see everything UPSIDE DOWN. This is because their visual cortices have not yet recognised that the image reaching the retina is inverted. Whether babies can see anything at all is another debate. The approximate visual acuity from birth is between 6/120 to 6/240. […]


cataract surgery in ancient times

Amazing origins of cataract surgery 37

  Did you know that cataract removal surgery was documented in Sanskrit manuscripts as early as 5th century BC by the ancient Indian surgeon Shusruta. The first form of a cataract operation performed was known as “couching” which involved using a curved needle (ouch!) to forcefully push the cataractous lens away from the pupil, into […]